Another hot day in Seville

It took everything I had to leave my room today knowing how crazy hot it was going to be. 

I walked through the Triana neighborhood and began with a museum, the Museo del Castillo de San Jorge. It was free, thank goodness because it was kinda weird. It was supposed to be about the Spanish Inquisition, which sounds super interesting and easy to make a museum about. Wrong. It was about the building and the ruins and the people that inhabited them and only barely touched upon the Inquisition. There were strange artsy movies that made no sense. I just didn’t get it I guess. Moving on. 

Then I walked through the Triana market and got some delicious fruit.

After, I walked through town and went to the Palace of the Countess of Lebrija.It was built in the 16th century and remodeled by the Countess in 1901.

Huge Roman mosaic floors.

Then lunch and a siesta.

I grabbed cheese, bread and pate from a grocery store and walked down by the water for a picnic dinner. This was my spot.

And I got to check out this bridge, the Puente de Isabella II.

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