We only bought tickets a few days before and I’m glad we didn’t wait any longer. Getting tickets before hand is a must. The general tickets were €14 and they also give you a specific half hour time slot for the Nazrid Palace. They also have a morning and afternoon entry. We had to accept an afternoon entry, 2pm, since we got a 6:30 palace entry.

After about a two hour drive we got to Grenada. Kara really powered through and was a champ. Sadly, she got stuck with all the driving since I can’t drive a stick. 

We made a B-line for a traditional Churro cafe. Absolute heaven!!!

So decadent!

We just meandered around Grenada for a bit. Had some tapas and a beer before Alhambra.

The coast of Spain is tolerable, but inland, the temperature soared to 104° again. Of course the line to pick up tickets was in the sun! Cruel!

Once inside, it was awesome!

Haha, lots of pictures with the selfie stick!

What a day. Fantastic. Now I’m in Bucharest, Romania! Tell ya all about it tomorrow!

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