Back in Johnstown

A couple of weeks ago, I headed back to Johnstown for the weekend! Of course, the first place I head in town is the South Side Saloon! I was meeting Dan to catch up and so while I waited I tried a new beer!

The 2X Stout by Southern Tier Brewing Company of Lakewood, NY at 7.5% abv.


A very well done milk stout! Smooth, chocolately, creamy. Hints of coffee, hints of alcohol. Sweet but not sickening, sweet lactose, somewhat dry finish. I need to find this again!

And of course I couldn’t pass up my favorite mixed beer: Young’s Double Chocolate Stout and Kasteel Rouge. They were both on tap and layering them is just heaven.


Such a great mixture of creamy chocolate and as you work your way down, you get hints of cherries. Kasteel Rouge is good on its own, but I love it with a bit of creamier stout mixed in, it gives it such great body and mouthfeel.


Dan and I got to catch up and chat too!