Climbing at the Red

My favorite climbing trip of the year! I love Kentucky! I don’t love the nine hour drive took get there though.
I took mostly cans on this trip since they are lighter than bottles and are more portable to the crag. Having a beer after a day of climbing is a treat!

I had the Avery White Rascal, nice and light, very refreshing and still palatable when warm too, although later in the trip Andy was kind enough to let me throw my beers in his cooler!


Also by Avery, Ellie’s Brown.



Instead off camping, the six of us split a cabin and lived like kings! It was quite luxurious to have two beautiful clean bathrooms and hot showers! And we even had a hot tub, perfect for soaking the sore climbing muscles and downing more beers!

Out in DC with my favorite ladies!

Friday night, Jack and I picked up Liz and headed to Justin’s Cafe in SE DC to meet up with Kristen and Mark! It seemed like it was tucked away on a lonely side street not anywhere near any other bars, I hope the area builds up some more! We snagged some seats at the bar while we waited for the others to arrive and ordered a few beers. They didn’t have a huge beer list, but they had some good offerings that would keep me going all night. First up, I ordered the CoCoNut Porter by Maui Brewing! It came in a can!


This beer was great! Poured a very dark brown, but the bartender crushed and threw the can away without letting me look at it. When I asked her to get it back for me to look at she obviously thought I was crazy. So I had to attempt to uncrush my can and make it picture worthy. Very mild coconut flavor, but I thought it was a great twist on a porter.  Coffee, roasted malts,  a bit more carbonation than usual in a porter.

Great though, I could have had these all night! But I promised myself I would try more new beers and next up got the Great Lakes Oktoberfest.


I thought I would give oktoberfest beers another try. The only one I’ve really had in the past is Spaten Oktoberfest and it didn’t wow me. But I know Great Lakes Brewing Co has other beers I enjoy so I felt that this could be a good oktoberfest beer. It was very drinkable! And (no offense Spaten) I thought this one was better. Poured a beautiful amber color. Malty, caramel, light/ medium body. This felt way lighter than what I usually drink! Maybe that’s why it went down so fast! hehe! Side note: the bartender threw away the bottle again without letting me see it, when I asked for it back she got another one out of the cooler instead of reaching in the garbage.

I ordered the butternut squash soup as an appetizer and it was amazing! Very light and lots of cinnamon, I could have ordered it for dessert! So sweet and creamy!

Once we had all the people in our group, we moved to a table and I ordered the Avery White Rascal.



Avery White Rascal is considered a witbier, and yes, it certainly is. Witbiers are Belgian-style wheat beers and are usually unfiltered. This beer poured a cloudy medium yellow. Light bodied, but almost creamy in texture, yeasty and bready, a bit spicy with lemon and cloves. Why don’t I drink this type of beer more often?!?

We started ordering some pizzas but Mark had to leave for his fantasy football draft (good luck Mark!) and our friend Trevor joined us a bit later!

It was great to be out with the ladies, we got to finally catch up. I feel like I’ve been a little out of the loop since Jack and I are taking a mini break from the climbing gym due to the triathlons.


As I was going through these pictures, I realized I had quite a few beers this night! But, keep in mind, we were here ALL night, and we were celebrating!

Next up I HAD to get the Duck Rabbit Milk Stout from North Carolina!


MMM. I love milk stouts. I was so happy to see this on the menu. After the few lighter beers I had I was craving another dark beer! Roasted barley, slight chocolate, sweet, a little on the thin side for my liking. Not stand out, but good drinking.

And to finish off the night I split the Old Chub Scotch Ale by Oscar Blues Brewery from Colorado.


We were all getting a bit tipsy by this time, so I’m glad I split this beer since its 8% abv. Another beer in a can! Cans are making a comeback. Poured a lovely warm reddish brown. Very malty, medium body, good balance with sweet and the hoppy bitterness.

I told you we were getting tipsy! Random photo of the night:


What the hell is going on here? I obviously missed something.

Don’t worry though, Trevor says he’s a lumberjack and it’s OK.


Wow, I don’t think I’ve had that much to drink in one night in a while!

ps- don’t worry, I still woke up and did my 40 mile bike ride before the hurricane hit! and got stung by a hornet! but hornets, hurricanes, and hangovers be damned!