We Really Like Rustico

To chill on a hot Friday afternoon, I walked up to Rustico to meet Jack for happy hour!
To start I ordered the Bayerischer Bahnhof Berliner Weisse Rye, so refreshing and tart, it’s the perfect summer beer! I think this is my favorite German beer style.


Not pictured is the 4oz sample I also ordered, the De Dolle Boskeun, a Belgian Strong Pale Ale at 10%, it was really fantastic but I just couldn’t start of with something that strong.

Sticking with the lighter beers I next ordered the Chaos by Bierra Del Borgo of Italy. It’s a wild ale brewed with malvasia grape and champagne yeast.
Definitely my style of beer, lightly fruity, crisp and tangy.


It’s not only the beers keep me coming back to Rustico but it’s also their savory risotto tater tots!