Happy Birthday Katie!

So Friday night we celebrated Katie’s birthday! She chose a most wonderful place for her birthday get together, Dogfish Head Alehouse!

I managed to wait till we were seated before ordering a beer. They didn’t have the Midas Touch at this time of year, but they did have the Chicory Stout.

Jack, a few other people, and myself all wanted to try the World Wide Stout but were hesitant to order it on our own becasue of the whopping 18% abv. So we split the bottle 6 ways to each get a taste!

Woah! Talk about a beer! It was so sweet! and dark! It almost reminded me more of a barleywine than a stout. I’m kind of glad I got a taste before ordering the whole bottle. I feel like its a beer that you really need to be ready for and know what you’re getting before you do! (At least for me!) I could definitely do a half a beer next time, still not sure about the whole 12oz. (haha)

We all ate tremendous amounts of food but somehow we left room for DQ icecream cake! (Really takes you back to being a kid!)

And to go with it, I got the Raison D’Etre.

A very fun, satisfying night! Thanks Katie for picking an awesome spot!