Red River Gorge Part II

I know these next pictures are all about climbing and not about beer, but I’m going to shamelessly put them up because I am ridiculously proud of myself!

But first I would like to thank Ryan for professionally building me a cheater rock so that I could reach the start holds on the climb!


This was my first 5.11c climb, called On Beyond Zebra. I didn’t make the whole climb clean, but I faced my fear about falling and really pushed myself. I’ve never climbed anything so overhanging!






Halfway up the climb, there was a big ledge, which was a great rest, but moving out from under the ledge and trusting that you would find handholds and make it to the next bolt was hard! If I had fallen, it would have been huge! But I really manned up and went for it!


At this point I was just cruising for the anchors, but I was so happy they were in sight!




Hiking out there’s a cute arch! (Its Hobbit sized!)


Of course we went to Miguel’s for pizza and celebration beers!

While waiting for my pizza I had a Dominion Baltic Porter by Old Dominion Brewing Company of Delaware at 6.8% abv.


Of course Jack brought some of his favorite go-to beers, and of course I snuck one. Roasted malts, chocolate and licorice. Hints of vanilla and caramel.Smooth mouthfeel, creamy.

I also finally got to try Lubrication by Clown Shoes Brewery of Ipswich, MA at 6% abv. Roasted malts, coffee and chocolate, molasses. Not much sweetness, bitter notes. Unfortunately thin mouthfeel and dry finish.


A very successful end to a week of climbing!

6-pack and Underwear Secret Santa

Every year my favorite Christmas party is undoubtedly the 6-pack and underwear secret Santa gift exchange. One person is elected to assign who gets who, and you let them know your beer preference and underwear size.

So once you open your gift you get to guess who gave it to you, if you guess wrong, you put on the underwear (over your clothes). Once everyone guesses you can guess again and if you get it wrong, you then have to give them a lap dance (rated PG)!

Needless to say, we don’t usually take a lot of pictures as people do not like them to get out. But here are a few of the tame ones from the night, and of course I had a few beers!

I started off the night with a Gulden Draak (dark triple) by Brewerij Van Steenberge of Belgium at 10.5% abv.


I don’t drink this beer very often, but when I do its almost overwhelming! Its got great dark fruit flavors, raisins and cherries. Moderate carbonation, almost like champagne. A rich, almost creamy mouthfeel. A bit of Belgian yeastiness, peppery, and warming with the alcohol. A fantastic beer!


Jack got some underwear this year that he can actually wear!


Mark got some Vienna Style Lagers!


Ben got Delirium Noel and some sailor undies!


Liz got a pony!


And I had another beer! I grabbed one of Jack’s Dominion Baltic Porters!


I guess I didn’t get any pictures of my gifts, but I got Pittsburgh Steelers underwear and a mix and match 6-pack of porters (which you will be seeing on here shortly). I luckily guessed my secret Santa, Rob! I based my guess on the beer choices I received since I couldn’t base my guess on the undies, everyone knows I’m a Steeler fan!

Dinner at Liz’s

Friday night we went over to Liz’s place in DC for a relaxed dinner. Trevor and Ryan came too. Trevor brought the good cheeses and Ryan brought the good beer!

Liz made a really good dinner, but I especially liked her Vermont family recipe for mac and cheese! It was delicious!

While she cooked, I helped shred cheese and got started on some beers Jack brought. I had the Dominion Baltic Porter by Old Dominion Brewing Company of Deleware 7% abv.


This is an odd pose, but Jack said I didn’t hold the beer up high enough in the first picture to see it.

Anyway, this is one of Jack’s favorite go-to beers and he picked it up at the store to bring to Liz’s. We also have 12 more at home in the fridge!

Roasted malts, chocolately, a little burnt, and low on hops. It al blends very well. Not too extreme for a Baltic Porter and a great easy winter sipping beer.

Next up, I had one of the beers Ryan brought, he came to the door with a big box with multiple 6 packs inside! I spied the Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout by Brooklyn Brewery 10% abv.


Incredibly chocolaty, incredibly malty. Not too thick of a mouthfeel, a bit dry toward the end. A slight hint of vanilla and a bit boozy at 10%. Ryan knows my type of beer and picked this up especially for me! Thanks Ryan!

After dinner I tried another beer that Ryan brought since I’ve never had it before! And it has an interesting story and I love a beer that has a story!

I had Censored, a Rich Copper Ale, by Lagunitas Brewing Co of California 6.75% abv.


The story behind the name is that it used to be named the Kronic but apparently people too offense to the name because it referred to weed. And so they slapped a censored bar over the name instead of changing it, you can still kind of see the word Kronic peeking out from behind it.


A little bit of life-advice on the side of the bottle.

Thank you Liz for dinner, Trevor for the cheeses, and Ryan for the beers! You guys know how to make it a simple and awesome night!