Mad Fox Brewery

The first time I had been to Mad Fox Brewery out in Falls Church, I loved it. So of course we invited Kristen and Mark to join us for dinner to check it out again.

Kristen and I started off with samplers! I sampled the Schwarzbier, an English Barleywine, and American Barleywine and something else entirely forgettable.  To tell the truth, their beers were terrible. They all tasted almost exactly the same! In fact, I took a sip of Kristen’s IPA and the American Barleywine and other than a slight difference of temperature, they tasted almost identical. When I mentioned that maybe I was served the wrong beer, the waiter brought me a sample of the IPA to try. I don’t really like IPAs anyway, so I fail to see how this helped the situation.

Sorry for such a bad beer review, but I wont be going back. Their beer was unoriginal, tasteless, and boring.  Not to mention, that this is February! There were no porters or stouts on the menu. What a tragedy! But they did have multiple kinds of Kolsch, pale ales, and IPAs on the menu. (Who has multiple kinds of Kolsch on the menu?? And who would want multiple kinds of Kolsch to choose from??)


We all decided to check out another bar down the street, hoping that they had a decent beer menu to raise our spirits.

We found the Dogwood Tavern! And I got a stout! Success!


It was a beer I’ve never had before, the Pearl Necklace Oyster Stout by Flying Dog Brewery of Frederick, MD at 5.5% abv.


We all had a bit of a giggle at the name, but the beer was not bad! Of course you are wondering if it tasted like Oysters? Actually a bit, but only a very little bit. A good stout, robust with roasted malts, semi sweet chocolate, hints of coffee. A slightly salty, shellfish tang to it. A hint of ocean brine. Quite an interesting and different take on stouts. I liked it!

And so the evening was saved from disaster! We called it a night soon after that since we are getting old and have early bed times. But at least I got to try a new beer!