Red River Gorge!

Right now we are about half way through our climbing trip to the Red River Gorge, Kentucky. It’s been amazing! We had a really good group of people to climb with this week, they have been supportive and climbing super strong, and of course, good company!

Not too many beers have been drunk, but what has, has been pretty good.

The first day we split up the group and went to different areas in Muir Valley.The group I was with headed to Johnny’s wall and we put up almost every climb there!


I actually started off the day by leading a 5.10a! And got another 5.10a later in the day! (I haven’t been climbing much recently because of the triathlons, so this is really pushing the grade for me!)

Later that night, I had a Evo Lucky 7, 5.8% American porter by Evolution Craft Brewing Co of Delaware.



Tastes kinda strong and smoky, dry finish, bittersweet chocolate, medium mouthfeel, slightly higher carbonation. Decent porter, but I love my porters and I’m a pretty hard judge to please!

The next day we climbed at Left Flank, again the group ended up splitting up but it all worked out. I was really happy with a 5.8 I led. It had maybe a 20 foot run out section between bolts, but it was the most glorious hand crack! Up until the crack I was a little scared because it was a slab climb and the hands and feet were TINY! Once I sunk a hand in the crack though, I looked down at Rob who was belaying me and was like “oh yeah! I got this!” From there out, it was nice and easy!


Austin and Sarah made it out on the trip, and they both had a really strong day! I really need to get in the gym and boulder with them more! Bouldering makes you super strong and you can (more) easily pull the power moves. The Red notoriously has hard start moves right off the ground, bouldering would help.

That night I had a YETI Imperial Stout, a Russian Imperial Stout 9.5% by Great Divide Brewing Company of Denver, CO.


Yeah, this beer tastes a bit alcoholic. You can definitely taste the alcohol, boozy, dark chocolate, smooth but not really creamy. Full body.

The third day climbing we went to Eastern Sky Bridge Ridge area. We got split up while hiking there. (it was supposed to be a 5 min approach! haha) but the other half of our group finally showed up at the crag an hour and a half or two hours later! For them, it was an epic hike in! In fact, fast forward to that evening, Rob showed us the damage that was done.


Yup. He split his boxers in half, didn’t realize it, and climbed in them all day! Haha! Yeah, it was a tough hike in for them!

Eastern Sky Bridge was beautiful! I top roped a few climbs because they were all super hard! But every one in our group was sending hard!


Here’s Jack sending Super Dario 5.11a.

Later Jack decided to get on a trad climb called The Underling 5.9. It was a crack climb, a traverse, and then you go through a hole, and come out on top!



(Look at the top right corner and check out the hole to climb up through!)

When he was getting to the hole, a climber passing by told him to go through feet first! Jack somehow thought this was a good idea and attempted it!


I was scared as hell belaying because is he falls out he would come out of the hole head first into the wall below. Right when I thought he had it, he fell out! He tucked his head and managed to take an easier fall.


Ryan, who went up after him, managed to pull the feet first move!


That night, I had a Hitachino Nest Red Rice Ale, Kiuchi Brewery of Japan.


Supposed to be a Belgian Strong Pale Ale 7%. I really like their white ale, but this one, not so much. I hate to say, but just by smelling it, I knew it wasn’t my thing. Liz even smelled and tasted it before I did and said I was not going to be a fan. Very true. It tasted like a macro, like Bud, only with a different aftertaste. I cant even put my finger on the aftertaste, I suppose the red rice! But to me, not really worth drinking to experience something different. (ouch! sorry!)

Ok, I’m beat! Check back for more RRG updates!