More Gunks Climbing and Beers

Day two of climbing at the Gunks we ran into our friends from the climbing gym that were also up there for the weekend! So we made plans to meet up for dinner!

The weather was beautiful and it was picture perfect!


Jack is like a mountain goat, I still get a little concerned seeing him so close to the edge. (Yes, he is still connected to the rope)


After working up an appetite, we all met up at The Gilded Otter in town.

I started off by ordering the Stone House Cream Stout brewed on site by The Gilded Otter at 6.2% abv.


Very heavy on the coffee flavor, more so than I expected. I’m not much of a coffee drinker so stouts that overwhelm with coffee are not really my style. Bittersweet chocolate, slight caramel. But thin tasting and not very much like a cream stout to me.

Next I went with the Hefeweizen at 5% abv.


I actually really enjoyed this beer! It was such a hot day out in the sun that it just tasted to refreshing! Very citrusy, orange peels and light fruit esters, and clean tasting. Its like juice for adults! I couldn’t believe it had any alcohol in it!

And cheers to Ryan! He just started climbing trad and was killing it! I was also eyeing up his beer sampler, I think that was the right way to go!

Climbing at the Gunks!

We were really lucky that we were able to drive up to NY Thursday so that we could climb Friday before the weekend crowds showed up.

We got on some classic lines that are usually very crowded.

No sport climbing here though, its all trad! There’s always lots of gear management, so most people tend to climb a little slower.


The views here are just stunning! It was pretty hot in the sun, but lucky for me, Jack set up the anchors at trees!




And of course after a hard day of climbing, we headed back to Bacchus!

I had mentioned to the waiter the previous night how I would love to have the St Bernardus Christmas Ale the next night since they had it in stock, and so as soon as we sat down he brought it over! We split the St Bernardus Christmas Ale by Brouwerij St Bernardus of Watou, Belgium at 10% abv.


I love Christmas in July!


So rich and decadent. Its amazing that it really makes you feel warm and cozy even in the heat of July! Dark fruits, candied sugar, brown sugar, caramel, spices, Belgian yeast. Fairly high carbonation, easy drinking. Such a treat!

1st day in New Paltz

After sleeping in from the long ride the night before, Jack and I finally make it to the Gunks! We had an awesome day of climbing, and I got some trad leading under my belt. So I felt like a celebratory beer was in order. I had found a good looking restaurant that was about 30 min outside of town, and since the rest of the group wasn’t with us yet, we felt like we would explore NY a little. After passing through tons of cute small towns we made it to Rhinebeck to go to Terrapin restaurant.

Bonus points for being in an old church!

The place was cool, nice wooden ceiling! The food was awesome too. But lets get to the point, I ordered the Keegan Mother’s Milk ale!

I was happy to pick a Keegan because I’ve never had one of their beers before and its brewed locally! Really good milk stout. Sweet aroma, medium light carbonation, strong malt finish. Just what I was looking for to finish an awesome day!