Aubrie’s Pre Thanksgiving Soup Dinner

Thanksgiving eve, Aubrie invited us over for a delicious soup dinner! She made potato soup, taco soup, and chicken noodle soup. And they all had special toppings like bacon, sour cream, cheese, onions, and chips. So good!


I know I’ve had this beer, Left Hand Milk Stout, many times before but its damn good (and easy to find in the grocery stores in the area) and a great beer to share! I find that a lot of people who don’t necessarily think they like stouts end up liking it!

Again, sweet malt milk, chocolate, coffee.


Karen and I waiting for some soup! I choose the potato with bacon.


For dessert, I had another beer!


This is Genie, she is showing us how to be “hipster.” Or at least what we all imagine hipster to be. haha, thanks Genie!


Ok, not gonna lie, this is kind of a random post. So I’m just gonna throw up another picture that doesn’t have to do with beer, hi Nick! Nice face, no, you don’t look like you’ve been drinking at all!


And with that, I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Part II of Rafting!

Saturday, down at the New River Gorge, we climbed at Summersville Lake!


(Watch out, we know Karate!)

It has such a great distribution of climbs in all ranges of difficulty that everyone was able to climb what they wanted.

That night, to have another successful bonfire, we ordered out pizza from Pies and Pints. It worked out great!

Another Left Hand Milk Stout, can I go anywhere without it??


Split another big bottle of Rogue Chocolate Stout. Sebbie, the woman on the bottle, rocks!! Woot!


Mmm, delicious, thanks Kristen!


Yay, smores!

And of course, another Young’s Double Chocolate Stout. I am so predictable.


We all turned in kinda early since we had to wake up at 5:30am to go rafting the next day! I was super nervous because when we woke up it was freezing! I couldn’t imagine getting in the water!

chilly rafting morning

I even opted to wear the wetsuit, I was scared of the 61 degree water and 45 degree air temperature!

We had a blast! The rapids were awesome! I think we paddled a little too well and nobody really fell out. In the morning the air temps were so cold that the water actually felt warm in comparison, but it was the opposite in the afternoon and I started to freeze. I can’t believe how fast the day went on the water! Six hours later, and we were done. Successful rafting trip!

successful rafting

I was beat. Jack and I took turns passing out on the 5 hour ride home. It felt so good to get a hot shower and pass out.

Sunday Cookout

After the hurricane, we had amazing, beautiful weather! We headed over to Steph and Adam’s new place for some awesome diving board fun and delicious curry chicken pita burgers. mmmm.

The diving board there had so much spring! Obviously the boys were boys on the board, but we all had fun jumping off! I’m too scared to do a flip!

(I need to get better at taking my camera with me everywhere)

When we headed back for food, Steph and I dove in to the Left Hand Milk Stouts!


Yep, another repeat, but soo delicious! The food was all so amazing! I also stuffed myself on watermelon, perfect summer foods!

Thanks Steph and Adam!

After the quake

The damn earthquake really screwed up my day. I didn’t get evacuated and sent home from work early, but when I did leave work I found that the DC Metro was really messed up. Surprise, surprise. It took me forever to get home. I had to get off at Rosslyn station and walk the 2.5 miles home because the Orange line was basically non-existent. It was such a nice evening, I would have loved to do something outside, but I was beat. So, Jack suggested beers to make our day better! I need to re-stock the fridge but I managed to find a tasty Left Hand Milk Stout!

left hand milk stout

I’ve already posted about this beer so here’s a question for you, if I post about a beer multiple times, do I describe it every time? Let me know what you think!

But anyway, sweet and creamy and delicious, just what I needed to make my day go …hehe….a little smoother!