Finally Checked out Westover Market

I had been meaning to check out Westover Market Beer Garden forever! It’s actually a little grocery store that also sells really good beers. In the back, they opened a small beer room and outdoor beer garden. They also have a small menu and decent sandwiches.


A couple of taps inside, maybe 10? But they also had entirely different taps outside in the garden.

I started out with the Dark Hollow by Blue Mountain Barrel House of Afton, VA at 10% abv.


This was an intense beer. It was a bourbon barrel aged imperial stout. Roasted malts, charred wood, vanilla and of course bourbon! Very little carbonation, smooth and heavy, light coffee flavors, semi sweet chocolate. An amazing sipper. I would definitely have this again if I see it available.

Next I went with an old favorite, the Maredsous 8 of Brouwerij Duvel Moortgat of Breendonk-Puurs, Belgium at 8% abv.


This beer took me right back to Belgium. Completely enjoyable. Dark fruits, like plums, figs, raisins. Molasses and the very typical Belgian funk yeastiness. Toffee and brown sugar, very smooth on the palate.

I wish there had been room for us to sit outside, especially with the live band playing, but chilling at the inside bar was a fantastic time too!

Amber comes to visit!

This Sunday, Jack’s sister, Amber came up from North Carolina to visit and we got to meet her boyfriend Joaquin and their 4 month old baby girl Liliarose!


We decided to catch up over some delicious pizzas and beers at Lost Dog Café on Columbia Pike.


While waiting for the pizzas I had the Bourbon Barrel Stout (Clay Street Series) by Bluegrass Brewing Company of Louisville, Kentucky at 8.6% abv.


This beer seemed to get better and better as I drank it! Roasted malts, hints of chocolate and coffee, very flavorful oak and char. Vanilla and woody. The woodiness and oak flavor was amazing.

When the pizzas came I also ordered a Maredsous 8 by Brouwerij Duvel Moortgat of Belgium at 8% abv.


This beer is stellar! Always a solid choice.

It gets better as it warms slightly. Fruity, almost like grapes, plums, and dark fruits. Bready and yeasty, brown sugar and molasses. A great sipping beer, very complex.

After dinner we headed home for another drink! I had the perfect beer in mind, and I knew Amber would enjoy and appreciate it, so I figured it was the perfect time to open it!

We all split the Southern Tier Crème Brulee Stout by Southern Tier Brewery of Lakewood, NY at 9.6% abv.


So delicious! And so sweet! I can never drink very much of this beer because I find it overwhelming! Caramel and butterscotch up front, vanilla, hints of chocolate, roasted malts, creamy. Very thick mouthfeel, almost chewy, smooth texture. Probably one of the sweetest beers I have had, its gotta be split with at least one other person, or else I would have a very hard time finishing the bottle on my own.

I’m super happy we finally got a chance to catch up with Amber and meet Joaquin and Liliarose! I can’t wait till they come visit again!