Cassie and Sean’s Send-Off at Light Horse

Monday night we headed down to Old Town Alexandria to go to The Light Horse for Cassie and Sean’s going away party. They are moving to Portland! So many good beer opportunities for them, which I know they will take advantage of! But we will miss you!!

And our friend John is leaving too! (watch out Chattanooga!) Sigh, the climbing gym will never the the same!

I started out with one of my new favorites, Left Hand Milk Stout!

Very creamy, smooth, medium bodied, sweet, but not sickeningly sweet. Tastes of roasted malts, chocolate. No bitterness. I really like this beer! I haven’t had many Left Hand beers but I think I’ll be trying more based on how much I like this one!

Next, I convinced Jack to split the Allagash Black with me! Big bottle! Yeah, that’s how we roll on a Monday night! haha

In bars, I always seem to be able to order the Allagash White (being a Witbier, it must be pretty popular) but I never see the Black available. The Black, which is a Belgian Strong Dark Ale (7.5% abv),  seems more my style, so I was pleased when Jack said that he’d help me drink some.  I think I ended up drinking much more of this beer than Jack,  but I was helping him stay sober so he could drive home (at least that’s what I tell myself). This beer was great, fairly carbonated, sweet, charred and a little smoky, but you can’t confuse it with a stout. Its very dark, but more Belgian than stout. I can’t wait to get this beer again when I have less going on around me so I can pay more attention to the complexities in this beer.

Kind of a bitter sweet night. Good luck to Cassie and Sean! Now I have an awesome reason to visit Portland!

Lake Anna Weekend

Saturday Jack and I woke up, got our stuff together and headed down to Lake Anna with our friends Trevor and Steve. Jack, Trevor, and I are all training for some upcoming triathlons so we brought down our bikes and were also going to do some open water swimming in the lake.

As soon as we got down there the boys were ready to jump right in and go for a swim. I love swimming and have done a TON of pool swimming, but I’ve never swam in a lake, because they kinda scare me. I get a little scared when I cant see the bottom (there are lake zombies down there!). The water is murky and the bottom is squishy. Call me crazy, but if I’m in the ocean, I’m fine! We picked a water trampoline and then a bouy that we were going to swim to and took off! Wow, no wonder some people freak out during the swim part of a triathlon, lakes are creepy!! When we made it back I was very happy, the lake zombies didnt get me this time! The boys went out for another swim and I played Bocce ball with Steve and of course, had a beer!

Aha! See? I can drink something other than porters and stouts! It was light and hoppy, perfect for mid-afternoon lawn sports.

Then we geared up for a bike ride. I (barely) kept up with the boys (they had to stop for me a few times, I’m new at cycling!) I headed back after about 24 miles, but the boys kept going! This time the lake didn’t scare me, after getting off my bike I headed straight for it! Then Steve and I worked on getting the fire made and enjoyed another tasty beer!

So creamy and delicious! I loved this beer and can’t wait to have it again! I only wish I had had a glass to drink it from instead of the bottle. I guess that’s roughing it though. This beer was gone before I realized it. I wish I had brought more. Sigh.

We finally had a fire going when Jack and Trevor came back.

Damn. They dont even look tired!

Then we went out tubing! It was actually my first time tubing, it was a blast!

During dinner Jack and I split the Full Sail Imperial Porter.

We chilled by the fire for a while, got to see some fireworks across the lake, and then I crawled into the tent to call it a night. I was exhausted!

Sunday was more chilling by the lake, another swim, a run, more bocce, and of course on of my all time favorites…Young’s Double Chocolate Stout!

What a weekend!

Final day in New Paltz

Monday was fantastic!! It was sunny and empty (because everyone had cleared out the day before due to the rain). We slept in late to let the rock dry out a little more, and then we had an awesome day climbing! We got on some really classic routes! We were using Jack’s 70 meter rope so we were able to string 2 pitches together for a few climbs and move a little faster.

When we were picking dinner options I knew there was only one place I wanted to go….Bacchus!!

Jack was really trying to pick and try New York beers on this trip so he got started with the Cooperstown Benchwarmer Porter.

I took a couple sips, it was pretty good, but it had moderate carbonation. Couldnt much taste the alcohol, which was good considering it was 6.3%. A drinkable, English style porter.

I got the Wolaver’s Oatmeal Stout (hey Liz, its from Vermont!!!)

This was a very good beer! Very creamy, smooth and chocolaty. I was in heaven!

I got the bacon wrapped scallops for dinner, and for desert I decided to have one more of the Keegan Mother’s Milk Stout, because I have a feeling it might be kinda hard to track down in DC.

So Good!!!

That about sums it up for the Gunks and New Paltz. Cant wait to go back!

ps- Today I hit up Total Wine, they did not have the Southern Tier Creme Brulee Stout. What am I going to do?!?