Three Year!

So, Jack and I have been dating for three years! We decided to celebrate and go out again mid-week.

I love Pizzeria Paradiso in Georgetown. The pizzas are awesome with great toppings to choose from and a pretty good beer menu. Last time I was out in Old Town, I saw that they opened another Pizzeria Paradiso on King Street down by the water! It looked really nice with extremely large glass windows, and I wanted to go check it out.


Even though it was right in the middle of the dinner rush, although it was a Wednesday night, we got seated right away, and we got to sit by the window!

I ordered the De Dolle Oerbier.


Yikes! I’ll admit, with all those windows and the light it was kinda hard to get a good picture of me. Haha, I think we all look better in dim bar lighting.

Our server, who was great, was a huge man! Gigantic! It was kinda funny to watch him hold the tulip glass and delicately pour my beer.

The De Dolle Oerbier was, as I imagined it would be, fantastic. It’s considered a Belgian strong dark ale. It poured a hazy, almost reddish-brown. Tastes of dark fruit, not overly sweet, a little spicy and Belgian yeast and bread. I ended up drinking this beer very slowly because it was highly carbonated.

We ordered, haha, the usual for us, the Margarita with goat cheese and prosciutto. It came super fast! Good, because I was starving, I ate an entire half of the pizza, 4 slices! This is a record for me.

After dinner, it was a bit of meandering through Old Town, and we called it a night!

Cassie and Sean’s Send-Off at Light Horse

Monday night we headed down to Old Town Alexandria to go to The Light Horse for Cassie and Sean’s going away party. They are moving to Portland! So many good beer opportunities for them, which I know they will take advantage of! But we will miss you!!

And our friend John is leaving too! (watch out Chattanooga!) Sigh, the climbing gym will never the the same!

I started out with one of my new favorites, Left Hand Milk Stout!

Very creamy, smooth, medium bodied, sweet, but not sickeningly sweet. Tastes of roasted malts, chocolate. No bitterness. I really like this beer! I haven’t had many Left Hand beers but I think I’ll be trying more based on how much I like this one!

Next, I convinced Jack to split the Allagash Black with me! Big bottle! Yeah, that’s how we roll on a Monday night! haha

In bars, I always seem to be able to order the Allagash White (being a Witbier, it must be pretty popular) but I never see the Black available. The Black, which is a Belgian Strong Dark Ale (7.5% abv),  seems more my style, so I was pleased when Jack said that he’d help me drink some.  I think I ended up drinking much more of this beer than Jack,  but I was helping him stay sober so he could drive home (at least that’s what I tell myself). This beer was great, fairly carbonated, sweet, charred and a little smoky, but you can’t confuse it with a stout. Its very dark, but more Belgian than stout. I can’t wait to get this beer again when I have less going on around me so I can pay more attention to the complexities in this beer.

Kind of a bitter sweet night. Good luck to Cassie and Sean! Now I have an awesome reason to visit Portland!