a Porter on Sunday

It’s been so hot I’ve been afraid to leave the house. Jack and I managed to make it down to Alexandria on Sunday night to have dinner with my dad! I brought a beer I’ve had in the fridge and been meaning to try. It was Legend Porter from Richmond, VA.

Not the creme-de-le-creme of porter, but not too bad. It must not have liked the car ride over, because I had the hardest time calming it down to open and pour it! Ok, so it probably had a more than normal amount of head. But it did pour a wonderful dark opaque black/brown. Tasted of roasted malts, kinda smoky, a little thin on the mouthfeel. Good, but not life-altering.  Then we headed out to dinner. No beer for dinner, I was kinda dehydrated and slammed water like it was my job!

Rained Out. Or should I say…. In?

We woke up Sunday to horribly rainy weather.  Got breakfast, hit up a climbing shop (Rock and Snow, and yes of course I got more clothes that I don’t need. It was raining!! What do u expect?! hehe) and then took a nap. Still, it was raining. Not a good thing for climbing. The group re-grouped and discussed. Unfortunately, everyone else decided to cut their losses and head back to DC. But first we decided to get lunch and hit up the Gilded Otter Brewery right in New Paltz.

I love walking in and getting to see all the brew tanks. It makes my day!

I ordered the Stone House Export Stout. It was OK.

On the menu it did say it was a dry stout, so I should have been better prepared. But it fell kinda flat with me. I really like creamy stouts with a big mouthfeel. Although, my friend Katie ordered the Black and Blue where they mix their stout and their blueberry lager, and I was eying it up! It had a nice half inch of blue head with REAL blueberries in it! I think they threw a handful in there when they poured it because when she got to the bottom of the glass she almost had to use a spoon to get to all the blueberries! I had beer envy.

Then everyone left and it was just Jack and I. I was pretty happy to stick around because there was another bar in particular that I really wanted to check out.

But first we went for a rain run! It was glorious and muddy! And I spotted a giant box turtle!

After cleaning up we walked down the street to Bacchus!

Walking in, I knew this was the bar for me! I fell in love! The bar was kinda dark and full of wood! Old wood bar, wood ceiling, wood barstools, huge old wood benches for the booths.

I hate it when a bar is brand new and shiny, this place was the opposite. The building itself was from the late 1800s. The walls were still the original brick, although you can tell there have been renovations done. Atmosphere got an A+ from me! I opened the beer menu and was not disapointed either! Jack went straight for the porters, we ended up sharing the first one, the Southern Tier Porter, because the beer I ordered was out of stock.  Minor fail. It looked so good though, and now I’m on a mission to hunt it down. The Southern Tier Creme Brulee Stout.

I made up for it by ordering the Smuttynose Baltic Porter to split with Jack because it was a 22oz.

What a great end to a rainy day!