The Next Two Days

We weren’t climbing again for two days. These two days were spent half at the beach in the mornings and checking out new things in the afternoons.

My favorite snack – ceviche!

In the afternoon we visited the fort at the other end of Old San Juan, Castillo de San Christóbal. 

It was built 1765-1785 and is the largest Spanish fort in the Americas.

It was amazing how many different layers you could see. Some chipping and peeling paint looked from about WWII and some underneath of that looked much older.

The lighting before they were about to close was spectacular.

I was planning on posting two days together, but I suppose I will separate them, there’s too many pictures!

Climbing in Monagas

We planned to meet Jorge (a climber whom we met at the Red River Gorge in Kentucky) later in the day to climb in the afternoon, so the morning was more meandering through old town.

We found a lovely breakfast spot at Cafe Fortaleza.

When was the last time you saw one of these?!

The pictures don’t do it justice, the climbing was phenomenal. The limestone was pristine and unpolished. 

We hiked out in the pitch black, only Jorge had a headlamp. You could hear frogs jumping out of our way since it was pretty wet and muddy.

After climbing beer at a local bar.

Christmas in Old San Juan

It was almost eerie how empty the streets were. 

Since very little seemed to be open, we went to the beach for the day.

Even the Hilton was closed. We had to go from closed restaurant to closed restaurant in a deserted town to find lunch. It was like a post apocalyptic movie set.  Luckily we found a pretty good fish restaurant in a mall.

Back out on the sand to digest. The people next to us on the beach had a tiny puppy that loved us now that we smelled like fried fish.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

We decided to do something different this year and booked a holiday to Puerto Rico instead of being cold and stuffing our faces with Christmas cookies.

We flew down Christmas Eve and had to start exploring right away.

We didn’t have a plan, we just followed the streets up to see what we could see.

But we ended up by the San Felipe del Morro Fortress, a 16th century Spanish fort, which was open for a few more hours.

This was my first beer here on the island and it was phenomenal. It’s by Ocean Lab Brewing, I have to find more of their beers!