Rob’s Birthday Pub Golf Bar Crawl

And suddenly it was that time of year again, Rob’s birthday. I always look forward to Rob’s birthday with a mix of excitement and utter terror.

For his birthday we always go out for a day of Pub Golf. We (usually) dress in plaid, argyle and golf themed attire, and go bar to bar drinking the prescribed drink to make par, a birdie, or an eagle.

This year’s pub golf was in Adams Morgan, DC. We began the pub crawl at the Black Squirrel, and here’s our birthday boy now!


I usually go all out and dress up for pub golf, but I was trying to not get completely shit faced this year. I thought that if I didn’t dress up it would discourage me from drinking a bit.

Jack decided to go for a twist on the golf attire, he went with Frisbee golf!


I actually skipped the first few bars, and just stuck with waters. (See, not wearing a costume seemed to help!)

Soon I couldn’t take it anymore, and when we got to a bar that a some good beer offerings and not just the regular bland macros, I had to get a beer! The first good beer I was able to find was Allagash Curieux, which I’ve had many times before, but it was a welcome sight.



Later in the evening, Ryan and I found some tasty porters! We got the Edmund Fitzgerald Porter by Great Lakes Brewing out of Cleveland, OH at 5.8% abv.


This has got to be one of my all time favorite porters!


Shenanigans were had! We went to more bars that I can even recall! I only had a few beers but I tried to wait till we went to bars that had a decent offering. I went for quality not quantity. I think my head thanked me the next morning for that!