A Weekend at the New River Gorge, WV

Apparently I didn’t take any pictures of us climbing, but I did manage to take a few of the beers I drank. Its beginning to get a little odd when I look back at the pictures of my life and all I see is beer. Not that that’s a bad thing I suppose!

Of course after a hard day of climbing we went to Pies and Pints! We got there slightly before the big dinner rush, so we were able to get seats right away!

They have pretty good beers in their beer cooler but the menu is never updated. After walking up and checking out their cooler, I decided on the Rochefort 8 by Brasserie de Rochefort at 9.2% abv.


I cant not order this beer when I see it! Its just so good!

Moderate to high carbonation and a medium/ thin body, tons of tiny little bubbles. Goes down easy with a slight tingle from the carbonation. Heavy on the fruits and yeast. Caramel and almost herbal. The alcohol is very well hidden. Although you can tell its in there by the time you finish the beer!

And next I had the Ayinger Celebrator of Aying, Germany at 6.7% abv.


I hate to say it, but there’s not many German beers that I like. This is one of the few that I love.

Pours dark, with a slight ruby hint to it. Roasted malt, mild smokiness, toasted bread, nutty. This is one of the best dopplebocks I’ve had. I’m not gonna lie, I also love the label and the little goat tag that comes with it!

Off to the New River Gorge for Jack’s 30th Birthday!

Such a beautiful weekend in Fayetteville, WV! Jack and I did some trad climbing before our friends showed up and once on top of a pinnacle, we got some amazing photos!


That is the longest single arch bridge in the western hemisphere! And over 900 feet high!


It was a perfect day!


After cleaning up, we went into town and got dinner and drinks at The Vandalian, owned by Porter Jarrard, a climber who put up tons of first ascents at the New River Gorge and the Red River Gorge.

They had a handful of good beers to choose from, since it was a nice day, I decided to go for something light and summery. I got the Lindeman’s Cassis by Brouwerij Lindeman’s of Vlezenbeek, Belgium at 4% abv.


I think this may be the first beer I’ve had by Lindeman’s. I always thought of them as fruity girly beers that are hardly beer. They are and they aren’t. Its actually quite tart, like a gueze. Very spritzy, and light in alcohol, I imagine this is what Belgians give their kids on holidays and special occasions. Good sour cherry flavor, and you can really taste the black currant juice. Refreshing, this could be had in place of dessert!

The next day, we met up with the rest of our climbing friends and went to Summersville lake to climb. Thanks to Dave Raines for taking an awesome picture of me leading my first ever 5.11b! I was super excited! This climb made my day!!

year of the psycho bitch

Later, the whole group went to Pies and Pints to celebrate Jack’s birthday! They have a great beer list, and I ordered the Trappistes Rochefort 8 by the Brasserie De Rochefort at the Abbaye de Notre-Dame de Saint-Remy in Belgium at 9.2% abv.


Truly an amazing beer. One of the best of its kind. Sweet dark fruits, brown sugar, Belgian yeastiness, roasted malt, earthy. Medium/ high carbonation, dry finish. Goes down so smooth.


The night was a success! Especially since Liz made the birthday cake! Which was a PIE INSIDE A CAKE! A strawberry- rhubarb pie inside a vanilla cake! I honestly don’t understand how something like that is done, but it was delicious!


Thanks Liz!

Granville Moore’s

Yesterday we helped Liz move, actually it was only a bed and a desk, and Jack did all the heavy lifting. When we were done we headed out to Granville Moore’s! I’ve heard that this place has a great Belgian selection, and have been trying to convince people to go there with me.

Just the outside of the building looks promising!


The inside was awesome too! Lots of wood, exposed brick, heavy wooden ceiling beams, old antique wooden ice boxes. Nice atmosphere!

We chilled at the bar till we got a table and I ordered the Rochefort 8! Finally! haha the last 3 or 4 times I’ve tried to order it, not here, but in any bar, they have been out, win!


This bar was wonderful and dark, even with the flash on I didn’t get that good of a picture of the beer. (served in a Koningshoven glass) Poured deliciously dark brown, cloudy and murky. Sweet malts, dark fruits, plums and raisins. Pretty smooth and not as boozy as I would have imagined considering its 9.2% abv. The carbonation was good, it felt light and easy to drink.

Finally, we got a table, got our food, and dug in!



Next up, I ordered the Gouden Carolus Ambrio, considered a Belgian Strong Pale Ale 8% abv. (really?! Pale Ale? I dunno, if I can agree with that)

Anyway it poured a very pretty, light amber brown. Sweet and estery, I felt that the alcohol was more apparent in this beer. Somewhat dry finish.

When we were done Liz suggested pie! We walked down to Dangerously Delicious and Jack and I split the coconut chess pie! Toasted coconut with a creamy tangy buttermilk custard! Served hot, so good!