Red River Gorge!

The Red is my favorite place to climb ever! Its located in Slade, Kentucky which is about a nine hour drive for us, so we are only able to make it once or twice a year, but when we do we usually go for a whole week!

We had a ton of friends from our local climbing gym go too, but for the first four days, Parrish was my main climbing partner! While everyone was climbing super hard, we found routed close by that were a little more suited to us. (5.9s to 11s)


I am pretty proud that I led everything I got on! (As compared to top-roping. Although nothing wrong with top roping! I was really trying to push myself to climb the hardest I ever have.)

Here is a good picture of Jack leading. See how there are bolts in the wall? He clips the orange draws into the bolt, then clips the rope into the draw. Although the sometimes scary part is when you are well above the draw and you fall. Most times, nobody gets hurt, but pushing yourself to climb hard while knowing that you may take a fall is very hard for some climbers (like myself) to get over. (Sorry for the over-explanation, I figure family or non-climbers might be reading)


And of course there were some half days and rest days! Nine days of climbing is exhausting!


One of the two places that offer decent food in the area is called the Rockhouse. They opened last October when we last visited, and the place seems to be doing very well! They are located right over the line from a dry county! Good location!


The place is run by some super cool, chill climbers/ photographers! Aaron, Tina, and August. And they have some good beers! 


Pretty cool design, and beautiful art!

But I especially love the beer! I have to admit, we came here multiple times and I only got a picture of one beer, but I figure its ok cause I had the same one every time! I had the Bell’s Kalamazoo Stout by Bell’s Brewery of Kalamazoo, MI at 6% abv.


I could have this beer for breakfast! Sweet dark malts, toasted caramelized sugars, hints of coffee, chocolate, and molasses. Moderate carbonation, and a lighter body and mouthfeel than I expected. I’m quite the fan.


RRG round II will be out shortly with lots more pictures!