Belgium Day 2

The second day into our Belgium trip was a travel day, nothing very exciting. We left Brussels and took the train to Ieper. Once in Ieper, we stopped and had lunch and a beer!


The little bar only had a few beer options, but you cant complain when Westmalle Dubbel is on the menu!


The only bar food they offered was spaghetti. I found this odd. I’m glad only Jack ordered because it was the biggest platter of spaghetti I’ve ever seen! It took us both to finish it.

From there we took a bus to the very small town we were staying called Poelkapelle. We got great rooms at t’Oude Gemeentehuis which was run by a young couple, Steijn and his wife. We had a great time talking to them and getting to learn about the area and the B&B.

For dinner, we decided to walk around and see the town. The town was only one main street with very little food offerings, but we found a small café called Point A.


I got a delicious Flemish beef stew and a Rodenbach from Brouwerij Rodenbach in Roeselare, Belgium at 5.2% abv.

And we were serenaded throughout dinner by the lambs and goats on the other side of the hedge.

Best Belgian in Boston

Ok, I admit, I am way behind in my beer posts. Sorry! February has been so busy! Here’s the last of Boston.

That night, after taking a nap, Jack convinced me that there was an awesome Belgian restaurant, called The Publick House, a little further out from the center of downtown. At the time, I wondered if it was worth it, but now I can tell you it totally was!!


We got there at the perfect time and didn’t have to wait for a table, I was especially happy about this when I saw there was hardly any standing room later in the night.

The atmosphere was awesome. The bartenders were awesome. This is a great Belgian beer bar!

This bar actually scored 21 out of 50 of the best bars in the world! It rated 98/100 on

I was pleased to see some beers on the menu that I have never had, so I started off the night with the Rodenbach of Brewerij Rodenbach of Roeselare, Belgium at 5.2% abv.


I ordered this beer because it’s a Flanders Red Ale and I knew it would be tart and funky. You know I love my Duchess De Bourgogne and I figured I should give this a try, especially since I have never had the chance to try it before.

Big sour cherries, tart but also mildly sweet. Funky. Earthy and acidic. Lightly bitter and vinegary. Oak and bready malts.Light with a dry finish. Very drinkable if this is your kind of beer, especially since its low in alcohol.


Half way through my truffle mac and cheese I spied another beer I’ve never had and had to get it. Although, I was at a loss how to pronounce it. I got the Tsjeeses of De Struise Brouwers of Oostevleteren, Belgium at 10% abv.


Its actually pronounced T’Jesus. Imagine we are toasting “to Jesus” and we are all drunk and slurring. Rhymes with cheeses.

And I dunno, the brewers claim is picture on the label is not Jesus but there is an uncanny resemblance. haha.


I love x-mas beers. The spicing is spot on. Candied orange, caramel, lemon zest, herbal cloves. Bread and yeast. And Bejesus! This beer could sneak up on you! The alcohol is well hidden in this beer!

I also read a little about the De Struise brewery and found out there are only three guys! They don’t even own a brewery but brew at an old brewing facility. The place has no or very little automation and most of it was to be done by hand. Damn. And apparently all three brewers all still have day jobs.

Anyway, I was very happy that Jack found such a fantastic Belgian restaurant. I will definitely come here again if I am ever back in Boston.