Reel Rock Film Fest at the Arlington Drafthouse

After getting back from the rafting trip, I was exhausted, but Monday night we made it out to the Reel Rock Film Fest being held at the Arlington Drafthouse. I was feeling a bit sick, with a sore throat, but we were able to get to the Lost Dog Café across the street with enough time to have a beer before we had to pick up our tickets and get inside.

Lost Dog rocks! They have a great beer selection and the food is awesome too! Jack, unfortunately, didn’t see too many porters on their list and so he couldn’t make up his mind. So I made up his mind for him. We split the Rogue Shakespeare Oatmeal Stout!


After having it during the climbing trip, I said I needed to have it again out of a glass and this was my opportunity. Really good beer.

As I was drinking this wonderful beer, I was staring at the taps and noticed that had a few Southern Tier beers on tap. This got me thinking….will they ever have the Southern Tier Crème Brule Stout on tap? I’ve been fanatically searching for this beer since the 4th of July. So I asked the bartender what the Southern Tier beers were that were on tap and she said the one handle had to be changed, because they just put a new beer on and that it was the Crème Brule Stout! I think I scared her with my reaction. Yeah, I flipped out a little. I really like the Shakespeare Oatmeal Stout but I began to eye it with hatred. We only had time for one beer and it was standing in the way of my dreams becoming reality. I think the bartender could see how distressed I was and gave me a generous sample. Creamy, incredibly sweet, vanilla and butterscotch heaven. I will be back!

Oh yeah, and the films were kick ass too.

Beer in Pictures

I’m still alive! I’ve just been super busy recently, and I really slacked on the blog, oops! So I have a week’s worth of beers that I drank that I need to post. Many of them are repeats. I tried lots of new beers while we were camping and my descriptions wont do them justice, I was a bit drunk at the time!

OK, from the beginning. Steeler game at Chris’s house. I just grabbed a few beers from the fridge and headed over. Very depressing game.




I love going to Chris’s for games, he makes great food, awesome condo, and the cutest beagle ever! You know how I feel about these beers—love em!


Wednesday was my birthday, but Jack was out of town, so earlier in the week Jack picked up a bunch of delicious fruit, bread, cheese, and desserts from Whole Foods and we went out for a motorcycle picnic! Again, I just grabbed a beer from the fridge.


Kinda low key for my birthday, but I knew we would be partying it up for the weekend and wanted to keep it chill.


Thursday night we got a bit of a late start but we left for the New River Gorge for a weekend of climbing and rafting! Yes, rafting too! As climbers we always see the river and say that one day we will go rafting. Thanks to Ryan and Kristen, who thought up and organized the trip, we were able to get a bunch of people to commit!

Friday, Jack and I  climbed at Tattoo wall down in Bubba city and were joined by Kristen and Ryan! It was a bit cold, but the climbing kept us warm! Here’s Kristen rocking out her first climb of the day!

novak climbing 2

That night we hit up the Secret Sandwich Society in Fayetteville for the first time! The sandwiches were amazing! They have really unique flavor combinations and house made sauces and jams. They also have a pretty good beer list!

Once we were stuffed we headed back to camp, managed to get a pretty good fire going, and cracked open some beers! A big thank you to Kristen for packing a whole bunch of yummy beers to celebrate my birthday!

Since they were big bottles we shared

Rogue Shakespeare Oatmeal Stout


Smooth, creamy, slight coffee, medium-full body, dry finish. I will have to have it again sometime soon, out of a glass, to give it the respect it deserves.


Ahh! Ryan proudly displays our next bottle, New Belgium Tripel, with smoke in his eyes! I really enjoyed this beer, but it tasted like bananas to me! Also, everyone in the DC area is flipping out because New Belgium beers are starting to be carried in the grocery stores in the area!



This next one we did not share. haha! But we each had an Old Chub Scotch Ale by Oscar Blues Brewing Co.


And last but not least we split, Kristen’s personal favorite of the night, Allagash Curieux, a bourbon-barrel aged Tripel.


Bourbon, caramel, oak, medium body, full mouthfeel. This is such a good beer! And with its 11% abv, this is the one that put us to bed. By this time we had a couple more people finish their ride down and join us round the campfire. Also, pretty cool, Ryan set up his slack line for us to get a little practice and entertainment. A slack line is a strange offshoot developed by climbers. Its very similar to tight tope walking. You don’t use a long pole, and once you get good you do amazing, mind-blowing tricks. We just practiced getting up on it and taking a few steps.

But here’s a sick video so you can see what I’m talking about. (its kind of a long video, but skip the intro that lasts the first full minute.)

Im gonna have to end this post here, but Part II will be up very soon!