Brasserie Beck in DC

Finally a weekend that’s being spent in town! I’ve been really looking forward to coming to Brasserie Beck for some good food and some even better beers! Friday night I had my heart set on coming here, but then I called mid-day to make a reservation and they were completely booked. I still made Jack go anyway because I was convinced we would find seating in the bar area. Fail. It really was packed! The only seating they had, where they could seat you immediately, was outside. Haha. Normally I would jump on the chance to sit outside, but we really had to think about this. It was about 104 degrees today and just starting to cool off. By now it was after 8, we thought about it, wanted to say no thanks, but at the last minute I decided we would brave the heat. Damn, I really wanted me some Belgian food!

Since it was super hot out, and since we were at a good Belgian place with a good Belgian menu, and since I have throngs of adoring readers (all 2 of them, thanks mom and dad! haha) that expect me to try new beers, I ordered the St. Louis Gueuze Fond Tradition.

This beer style needs a bit of back story and explanation. OK. If you want to get technical, gueuze is a mixture of 2 year old, 3 year old and 1 year old lambics. And lambics are made by spontaneous fermentation. Which means the brewer does not add specific strains of yeast to the beer, they will often put fans that blow air across their brewing vats and the natural yeast that falls in is what sparks the fermentation.

You almost can’t think of this beer, as a beer. In fact my all time favorite book, Good Beer Guide Belgium by Tim Webb says that they used to recommend that people who have not tried authentic gueuze to wait until they have explored many other types of Belgian beers, but now the new edition of the guide says that if its available, to try it if you can cause it’s so “out there.”

And out there, it was. I really love sour beers and Flemmish Reds so I knew the time was right for me to try a gueuze. You can immediately smell the acidic vinegar and citrus in it. The taste was very tart, kind of similar to eating an unripe raspberry. Really funky and tart. I loved it!

After dinner, Jack and I decided to split a beer and order dessert. We split the Scaldis. The menu had us a little frightened because it described it as very sweet with a “bone crushing alcoholic finish.”

It came in an 8oz bottle (you know its gonna be strong when they limit you to only 8oz!) It poured with very little carbonation. Smelled of honey and dark fruits. The taste was very smooth with the peppery alcohol bite towards the end. Great beer, very good for dessert, glad we split it. By the way, bonus points to Beck for having all the appropriate glassware!

And for the actual dessert we ordered the beer float! Which has cinnamon ice cream in Kasteel Rouge! (now all they needed was a splash of Young’s Double Chocolate to top it off!)

So good! Date night=win!