Final day in Stockholm

We started off the day with fine art at the Royal Antiquities museum.

Then checked out the museum about the old castle that burnt down in the 1700s.

We got the best possible weather for Stockholm! Everyone has been out and about since apparently that were getting snow just a few weeks ago!

Lunch in a tiny alley.

And finishing our stay with one more trip to Brewdog.

Then bed early since we fly at 8am to Helsinki.

Full day of Stockholm

Since our tickets for the palace and other attractions were still valid we had one more site to see, the Riddarholm church.

We walked through old town, Gamla Stan, to the other side of the city to go to the Vasa museum.

The Vasa museum was definitely worth the walk. 

Finally we got to go to the Stockholm Brewing company! We’ve been waking past it to and from our Airbnb for days but they’re only open Fridays from 5-9.

Lots of sour and dark beers!


We didn’t really have a plan, just seeing what we can see.

We decided to do the whole Royal Palace sights and tours.

The Royal Chapel:

And the tour of the Royal apartments.

Lunch at The Hairy Pig with tasty tapas.

The narrowest street in Stockholm, Mårten Trotzigs Gränd.

For dinner we found another traditional Swedish place, this time with no egg yolk, but lots of snails!

On the road again!

This time to Stockholm! The best part of this trip is that Jack is with me this time too! We landed at 5 pm and were ready to start exploring.

First stop was the Brewdog bar, conveniently located around the corner from our Airbnb. (It may have been the deciding factor when choosing our location)

Then we had dinner at Pelikan, a restaurant that serves traditional Swedish food. The food was amazing! All of our dishes came with a side of raw egg yolk to be poured over the food. I loved it!

We meandered around and found a breathtaking lookout.