Snowshoe Beers

During the final day of skiing in WV, the conditions starting deteriorating and I saw people getting hurt and loaded onto the litters almost every run. So around lunchtime, I called it quits for the day and headed inside to shower and get started on some beers!

First up I had the Tallgrass Buffalo Sweat Stout by Tallgrass Brewing Company of Manhattan, Kansas at 5% abv. Ok and I have to admit, I really only got this beer because 1.) it was in a can 2.) the name! haha!


Quite dark, roasted malt, some light chocolate and sweet creamy milk flavors. But unfortunately not stand out. Its just not very complex. Which is ok! It tastes how it should for a milk stout.

Next, I really changed it up. I opened the Midas Touch by Dogfish Head Brewery of Milton, DE at 9% abv.


This beer is truly one of a kind. Quite a lot to handle actually! Between the high alcohol and the overwhelming flavors, it’s a lot to process! I usually drink this beer when I really want something sweet and wine-like.

Hits you with lots of honey and grapes. I would have almost said concord grapes, but its technically muscat grapes. Very full grape flavor, not artificial, and dry.  High carbonation, but easy to drink, the alcohol is also well hidden even though its 9%.


And of course the Duchess. Can I ever go on a trip without bringing her? One of my all time favorites.


Brought a big bottle to split, the Kasteel Donker by Brouwerij Van Honsebrouck of Inglemunster, Belgium at 11% abv.

Pours with slightly reddish hues. Sweet, caramel, plums, brown sugar, slight spiciness, Belgian yeasts.

The ladies challenged Ryan (the toughest, strongest man we know) to arm wrestling. I even joined in, and used my feet, but no go. What a day, by the end I was exhausted, haha and drunk!