Rustico Beers

We recently had date night at one off our favorite beer spots, Rustico.
I prefer sitting in the bar area since there is a better beer atmosphere, and we were lucky enough to get seats!
I started by ordering a set of tasters.


Sorry it’s a bit dark, I didn’t feel like annoying the Hell out of everyone around me by using a flash.

From left to right:
Alvinne “Demi” Sour Ale
Bayerischer Bahnhof Berlinerweisse
The Bruery Sucre, maderia barrel aged and about 14.7% abv

The Alvinne beer was my favorite, but the Sucre had such a strong kick off alcohol, it made it hard to drink. The Sucre had a very stong aftertaste of walnuts. There was much more to this beer than just the abv.


So dark, I apologise! Cheers!