More Varna

Another day spent exploring Varna.

Yes, there are also a good number of crumbling buildings filled with stray cats.

And unexplainable statues.

Beachside cafe.

More liquid refreshments!

These two bottles were from a Serbian brewery and were quite good. My first Serbian beers!

Varna city

Just outside of the center of town is a gigantic Soviet monument that is slowly crumbling.

It’s a massive amount of concrete. I was told you could go up inside of it, but once I saw the entrance there was no way I was going inside.

That’s where nightmares live.

Back in town I checked out the cathedral.

Then meandered through town.

Why 2017? It’s a bit early for that.

I had meat pastries and juice for lunch at a super girly cafe. I loved the little parasols.

And of course, beers.


Getting here wasn’t too hard. I took the bus for around $10 (apparently better than their crumbling trains) and arrived 3.5 hours later. My hostel is like a little jungle oasis with palm trees and plants everywhere, it’s so green.

I haven’t been doing much, it’s great! I went out the first night I got here with everyone from the hostel. A mix of Canadians, Australians, Americans and Portuguese. 

The next day I spent on the beach.

I read all day, it was perfect!