Trevor’s Birthday!!

Thursday night we headed over to Trevor’s house for a cookout and a party!


There was tons of delicious food and I brought a couple of beers to try.


First up was the Highland Oatmeal Porter, from Highland Brewing of Ashville, NC, 5.8%abv. I have had this beer before, only once, but I really enjoy it! A good balance of flavors. Chocolate and roasted malts. Not too sweet and light on the hops! Very drinkable!


Steve here loves beer, maybe as much as I do. He just recently got into home brewing and I cant wait to try one of his beers!

Next up, Jack and I split a Rogue Mocha Porter, from Rogue Brewery of Newport, Oregon 5.3% abv.


I’m sorry we love porters! I’m sure my descriptions all sound the same! I need to start using a thesaurus so I can have better descriptive words. Roasted malts and chocolate and heavy coffee flavor. Hints of brown sugar and vanilla. A little more hoppy bitterness shows up toward the end.

Trevor is a big fan of pumpkin beers and he suggested we split to taste the Weyerbacher Imperial Pumpkin Ale from Weyerbacher Brewery of Easton, PA 8% abv.



Wow. Lots of flavor in this beer! Caramel malts, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, pumpkin and very boozy. You can really taste the alcohol. Pumpkin beers seem to turn out awesome when the brewer actually has a good beer to start with rather than bland shit. This was a good one. Weyerbacher has yet to let me down with a beer.

Natasha (also a climber) was also there for the party! Hello pretty lady!


And what I thought was going to be my last beer for the night, was the Thirsty Dog Siberian Night Imperial Stout by Thirsty Dog Brewing Company of Akron, Ohio 9.7% abv.


As you can see, this beer is dark as night, blacker than black. Chocolate and coffee, strong molasses and creamy. Also very boozy. Very little carbonation.

Right when I thought I was done drinking for the evening, Trevor’s roommate Sarge, brings out a beer for us to split. Such an awesome guy! He brings this beer out of his personal stash that he brought across the country, I owe Sarge a good beer next time I see him!

He brings out Deschutes Black Butte XXIII Porter from Deschutes Brewery of Bend, OR 10.8% abv.



This may have been the crème-de-la-crème of beers for the evening. Bourbon flavors up front and a bit of woodiness. Chocolate and coffee, a bit of citrus. Low on hops, and creamy. Heaven!

Wow, what a good night! Thanks for throwing yourself such a kick ass party Trevor!

Random photo of Trevor:


Is he or is he not wearing his birthday suit? Is he just cleverly concealed? I’ll let that remain a mystery.

Thanks Trevor! Here’s to another fantastic year!