Summer Solstice Party

Every year Teena and Dave throw the best summer solstice party. I mean this party rocks, they cook a whole pig in their backyard fire pit, have the best food imaginable, and they even hired a bartender this year!
Of course I took a little cooler with me!

I started the evening off strong with the Weyerbacher Quad, a favorite of mine.


After that I had the Dark Truth Stout, by Boulevard Brewing Co out of Kansas City, MO.


This is a really nice beer, hints of coffee and a bit of a smoky finish, great for a cookout!


Time for the pig!


Thanks Teena!


One last beer by the fire, Victory Golden Monkey.

Weekend Beers

The weather had been so beautiful recently that we have been having a lot of back porch and picnic beers!

The other day, I had the Weyerbacher Quad, it’s so decadent.


And later we made it outside next to the Potamac for a lazy afternoon of reading and sipping. We split the Allagash Fluxus, an American Porter brewed with blood oranges.


Slightly unusual, very faint citrus flavor. Quite enjoyable though.
We finished of the day with a stroll through Old Town Alexandria and we stopped at Virtue Feed and Grain for a light dinner.


I had the Dogfish Head 90 Minute with my dinner.
I love the summer! It’s so much easier to pop in somewhere for a cold beer!

Sunday Dinner

With a few friends joining us for dinner, it made the decision easy to finally open a beer that’s been hiding in the back of the fridge for a while. We all split the Rogue Voodoo Doughnut Bacon Maple Ale by Rogue Ales of Newport, OR at 5.6% abv.


A very odd beer. Took me a few sips to really get into it. There’s just a lot of flavors bouncing around and you need a few minutes to comprehend the beer. I would say that first and foremost this beer is a smoke beer. A very meaty smokiness, applewood-smoked bacon. Then comes the rush or sugar and maple syrup. This was one of those beer that it was good to split, because I don’t think I could’ve drank much more than a small glass. But it was fun to try and great to split with a group of people!


With dinner I had a Weyerbacher Quad. We still have a ton of them in the fridge from our brewery tour.


It was a great relaxing evening with good beer, good food and good friends!

The Return to New Paltz!

I was so excited to return to New Paltz, NY! We come up here mostly for the climbing, but there is a bar in this town that I am absolutely in love with, Bacchus!


I just love the brick walls and all the old dark wood. It just has such a fantastic atmosphere.


To start, I got the Weyerbacher Quad by Weyerbacher Brewing Co of Easton, PA at 11.8% abv.


This beer was definitely a heavy hitter! In alcohol content and in taste! I really like Weyerbacher, I don’t think I’ve had a beer of theirs that I haven’t liked! Anyway, dark fruits, raising, figs, dark cherries. Mild spicing with cloves and pepper. A nice slow sipper.


And I was quite excited to try another gueze! I ordered the Boon Oude Gueze Mariage Parfait by Brouwerij Boon of Lembeek, Belgium at 8% abv.


Nice gueze. Only very lightly fruity. Tart with lemons and white grapes. Actually not very sweet at all. Very good traditional style, not overdone with all the bells and whistles. Sour and refreshing.

Well I certainly carb loaded for all the climbing tomorrow!