3 in 1

I just keep finding more and more pictures on my computer that somehow have never made it into posts. So, as I desperately try to wrap up the beer and posts from 2012, here’s a few more. I may not remember when of where these nights and beers happened, but I have proof in the pictures that they did.

I do remember this first beer though. We invited Nate and Molly over for dinner and Nate brought a 6 pack of this beer. He really liked this beer and so I gave it a try. A skeptical try though, since I have yet to find an Oktoberfest beer that I really like.

It was the Flying Fish OktoberFish  by the Flying Fish Brewery of Somerdale, NY at 6% abv.


This is without a doubt, the best Oktoberfest beer I’ve ever had. It was not hoppy! Very subtle hops, and low carbonation. It was smooth and wonderful! Bread and toffee, malty and clean.

For a dinner at Novak’s I brought over a Lindeman’s Framboise by Brouwerij Lindeman’s of Vlezenbeek, Belgium at an almost comical 2.5% abv!


I hardly count this as a beer, its more like fancy soda. It’s a guilty pleasure! So enjoyable to sip on through dinner.

And last but not least, Young’s Double Chocolate Stout by Well’s and Young of Bedford, UK (England) at 5.2% abv.


I haven’t had it in a while, but I saw they changed their can colors and I had to make sure it was the same beer. If they did change anything about the beer, it was undetectable to me. Still tasty!

Part II of Rafting!

Saturday, down at the New River Gorge, we climbed at Summersville Lake!


(Watch out, we know Karate!)

It has such a great distribution of climbs in all ranges of difficulty that everyone was able to climb what they wanted.

That night, to have another successful bonfire, we ordered out pizza from Pies and Pints. It worked out great!

Another Left Hand Milk Stout, can I go anywhere without it??


Split another big bottle of Rogue Chocolate Stout. Sebbie, the woman on the bottle, rocks!! Woot!


Mmm, delicious, thanks Kristen!


Yay, smores!

And of course, another Young’s Double Chocolate Stout. I am so predictable.


We all turned in kinda early since we had to wake up at 5:30am to go rafting the next day! I was super nervous because when we woke up it was freezing! I couldn’t imagine getting in the water!

chilly rafting morning

I even opted to wear the wetsuit, I was scared of the 61 degree water and 45 degree air temperature!

We had a blast! The rapids were awesome! I think we paddled a little too well and nobody really fell out. In the morning the air temps were so cold that the water actually felt warm in comparison, but it was the opposite in the afternoon and I started to freeze. I can’t believe how fast the day went on the water! Six hours later, and we were done. Successful rafting trip!

successful rafting

I was beat. Jack and I took turns passing out on the 5 hour ride home. It felt so good to get a hot shower and pass out.

Hanging out at Trevor’s

Monday night Trevor was having a few friends over to chill, so we braved the rainy weather and headed over!

We discussed the various runs/ bike rides of the weekend and got to meet his new roommate!

I brought a pumpkin beer to try, since it seemed like a good almost fall like night. I tried the Post Road Pumpkin Ale.



Poured an orange copper. Smelled promising, pumpkin, cloves, nutmeg, hops. Taste was weak and lagery. Sorry. Not good. If you are going to add pumpkin and spices to a beer at least first start with a good beer. Hard to get through the whole beer. Fail.

Anyway, Trevor rocks, he has this little gem hiding in the back of his fridge just for me!!!


Yep, Young’s Double Chocolate Stout, from a bottle. I usually drink it from the nitro-cans. So not having the nitrous ball makes it almost a different beer. Still creamy, but a little lighter seeming, not the thick cascading layers you get from the nitrous. Bittersweet chocolate, great aftertaste, medium dry finish. So delicious!

We turned in early since I was wiped out from the bike ride earlier in the day.

I noticed it’s getting dark earlier and earlier, so sad. I’ll miss you long summer days.